The first comments on Especial Amigo are in. Short but sweet, I think you’ll agree, a direct comparison to the best, no less.
“My biggest criticism of many HF authors is they tend to volley between story and history lesson making for a disjointed read. Both Sharon Kay Penman and Mary Delorme manage to seamlessly intermix the history with the fiction making it a more enjoyable read.”

Jon’s recent Amazon review of ‘The Welsh Healer’, by Ginger Myrick.
 “A lovely tale set in a distant time in Wales. Rather than repeat what so many others have already stated in their reviews, suffice to say I doubt you will regret reading The Welsh Healer. I actually lost my copy halfway through, in a computer crash, but such was the strength of Ginger Myrick’s characterization, I was able to come back to it months later on recovering the file, and had remembered the main subjects in detail. Impressive, since at no time are you bogged down by the I’ve done the research therefore I’m going to use it”, feeling one can often get with Historical fiction authors determined to show the depth of their knowledge. Indeed Ms Myrick achieves the same involvement and ‘education’ of the reader, in a novel that never preaches and flows as if she were actually there. Thoroughly enjoyable, refreshing book with characters I will never forget”

If you haven’t read paranormal, this is a great place to start, Music of Souls, JJ Kendrick
5.0 out of 5 stars A unique twist on the Vampire saga, 3 April 2014
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This review is from: Music of Souls (Kindle Edition)
Welcome to the world of the Vampires, ones with a semblance of morality, ones who like a challenge and strangely, ones we care about almost immediately. How can that be?
I would never have considered a vampire book and yet I could not wait to buy this one after reading the opening sample chapter. This is the second of JJ Kendrick’s books that I have had the pleasure to come across, utterly different to the first, ‘Chance Inheritance’. To switch style so successfully is impressive.
We meet Jackson and Sarah, two 150 something vampires, best friends who tried a relationship, but get on like brother and sister. Guardians to each other. She the vegetarian of all things bloodlusty, he, whilst admiring her for it, still likes a good human feed; tempered by the decency to make them forget what has happened.
She falls for a human, but how can she tell Connor her true form, they always turn and run.
Jackson falls for a perfect human, he thinks, but she is always one step ahead of him. Disapproving rogue vampires lurk, will the werewolves spoil the party at the mansion?
How does one put a ridiculous list of impossibilities like that together and make it believable? JJ Kendrick has done just that. I almost wished that there really are vampires in our world, and would happily share it with them, should they be like this.
Music of Souls was so was so easy to read with the same flowing unencumbered dialogue through and through, in a perfect mid-atlantic style, which will appeal to all. Pacing is perfect, as if the author had written it in one sitting.
There is definitely a TV drama here somewhere, so a screenplay beckons.. Terrific book. One I looked forward to reading every day.