Have you been enjoying Wolf Hall, the BBC’s new serialisation of Hilary Mantels novels?

The Court Of King Henry VIII has been written about at length, some might say, done to death, in the way of, arguably three of Henry’s wives.

But rarely mentioned is Eustachio Chapuys, a Frenchman appointed as Spanish Ambassador by the Emperor Charles, to keep an eye on the ousted Katherine of Aragon as Henry, (fat Harry behind his back),  failing to divorce her, tried to starve,  some even postulate, poison her out of the way.

This is the story of probably the finest Ambassador to ever live. A man who pushed new boundaries of spying and intrigue to protect ‘his’ queen. And yet a  man whose diplomatic skills, left him unsuspected in the most suspicious environment of all, a good friend of Cromwell and considered a friend by Henry. No mean feat!

A great man! an Especial Amigo!

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